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Find extra space in ordinary spaces. We manufacture our shelving solutions in all sizes and various shapes, so they are able to bear the weight of light, medium and heavy duty goods, and do so effortlessly in all contexts, whether for retail or warehouse purposes.

Mahnoor prides itself on its professionalism and supplies many factories and businesses with shelving. We make it our mission to maximise the use of shelf space and design unique shelving units to suit every individual storage need.


Mahnoor team encourages a hands-on policy, giving our personal undivided attention to all the shelving needs of every individual company or business. This is why we will also offer our expert advice to clients on what shelving and racking solutions will be appropriate for their unique requirements, in order to save time, money and space.

Bolted Steel Shelving

Shelving that adapts to your specialised needs.


General Purpose Steel Shelving is a space-effective and economical storage system for virtually any light-duty application. Manufactured from quality steel and modern in design, General Purpose Steel Shelving is designed for versatility and easy installation and can be easily adjusted or relocated. A comprehensive range of accessories are available including shelf dividers, drawers and kick plates.


Open Braced Bolted Steel Shelving is the most basic and economical shelving design for general purpose use. The back and sides are open except for the sections that are stabilised by means of cross braces on the back and sides.


Closed Back and Side Bolted Steel Shelving units are closed on three sides with steel panels to provide stability and protection of the items stored as well as to promote cleanliness of these items. When units are joined side by side and back to back, a common side or back panel is used between the two units achieving a large cost saving.

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