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There are few resources more valuable than the floor storage space of your business. It is only through careful management and quality industrial flooring that you can maintain this vital aspect of your business. When it comes to meeting your industrial flooring needs there is no one more capable than Krost Shelving and Racking. The flooring of your business’s storage space is essential in determining several key factors in productivity:




  • Increased storage capacity

  • Longevity of stored goods

  • Ease of access

  • Promoting the successful functioning of an ordered system









Raised Floors

An important aspect of industrial floors is that of raised flooring.

Made from solid, non-combustible materials, this system of raised flooring can be between 2 inches and 72 inches. Perfect for a multitude of storage purposes, this flooring system with its light weight yet strong build makes erection and dismantling very simple.



Floors are valuable in the following storage environs:

  • General Office Areas – Through the use of the raised flooring products additional space is made available for the ordering of electric cables that run through the office area.

  • Equipment Rooms – Raised flooring is perfect for multiple layers of stock storage.

  • Internet Service Provider Area – Cables are the main issue with this type of environment and through the use of raised floors, one is able to effectively minimize the amount of disarray.

  • Clean Rooms – Provides optimum air flow through the area and, being both light weight and strong, this flooring has the ability to be easily repositioned to meet changing needs.


With its metal framework and removable panelling this type of flooring is perfect for a multitude of storage needs. For any environment that requires fresh air flow, a neat ordered work space and structurally sound platforms, this product  is the only option a business will ever need.

When it comes to the quality of any of OUR products, from raised flooring to mezzanine floors, the utmost care goes into everything from the flooring products themselves to the laying down and setup of your product.

Use raised flooring and other industrial flooring products  and get every facet of your businesses storage in order.

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